Why I’m Running - People Over Politics


All the anger and division these days isn’t solving anybody’s problems – it is the problem. 

I’ll bring a fresh approach to representing our community on the City Council.  It starts with listening, focusing on solving problems and putting progress ahead of today’s divisive, angry politics.

As a Deputy City Attorney, I took an oath to do just that – to serve you, and only you, the people of San Diego.  To protect our city and its families.  To put people over politics.

On the Council, I’ll work to unite our community around the values we share - safer neighborhoods, a cleaner environment, more transit, less traffic, raising wages, reducing housing costs and creating good jobs along the way.

Because that’s how we’ll make life better for San Diego families – by listening to the people and bringing communities together, not driving each other further apart.



Meet Marni!

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Marni von Wilpert has always been dedicated to improving our community and serving others.  Now, she’s running for City Council.

As a Deputy City Attorney, Marni took an oath to serve the public and protect our city.  She’s defended taxpayers in court against frivolous lawsuits – and won.  And Marni is working to reform our city’s homeless policies so we can start pursuing proven programs that work.

Marni grew up in Scripps Ranch, learning the values of community, finding common ground and serving others from an early age.  If you’re from around here, you probably already know Marni – she went to public schools, graduated from Scripps Ranch High, helped run the local girl scout camp and volunteered with her mom rehabbing apartments for neighbors in need.

It’s that dedication to helping others that led Marni to join the Peace Corps after college and deploy to Botswana, where she helped improve access to healthcare for children and families.

Graduating law school at the top of her class, Marni followed the values that have always guided her and chose a career of service.  As an attorney at the National Labor Relations Board in Washington, DC, Marni enforced the country’s labor laws to ensure everyone who goes to work is treated fairly and paid honestly.  Marni also founded a legal clinic, with the Mississippi Center for Justice, to combat discrimination, assist people living with HIV/AIDS and help people lift themselves out of poverty.

But after working all over the world, nothing could keep Marni away from San Diego.  Marni is devoted to our community and committed to making her beloved hometown an even better place to live and raise a family. 

Marni currently lives in Scripps Ranch just miles from her childhood home. 



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